The Bug Pond

A free webcomic started in 2013 and still on-going. It follows the adventures of many different bugs living out their buggy lives! The format ranges from 4-panel gag comics, to longer, multi-page stories.

The comic is all-ages, and often educational. (And very gay)

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Preeny Has to Repeat 6th Grade

A story-driven comic hosted on Tapas. Preeny is a young cat with a magical brush-like tail. She's all ready for her first day of 6th grade, until she's approached by a mysterious wolf on a mission...
Many of the character designs were bought (adopted) from children on DeviantArt, resulting in a colorful cast of cats and dogs! The comic was made to be a love-letter to the creative minds of these kids.

The comic is all-ages. (And probably a little gay)

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